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Robert Frank in Creative Camera

Creative Camera, January 1969

Published in the January 1969 issue of Creative Camera magazine was a major portfolio of Robert Frank’s photographs from his seminal work ‘The Americans‘. This was done to mark the publication of the second edition of the book, which was already described in the magazine as “the most famous photo-essay ever produced” and “An essential book for every photographer.”
Like the majority of photographers, regardless of interest in any particular genre, I was impressed by Frank’s work.
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Anstey: a village, its mermen and an airport.

The minimalist cover of Edwin and Olive’s book on Anstey

How can a small village in Hertfordshire be linked to mermen and London’s third airport?

In 1969, as part of the organised opposition to proposals to site London’s third airport at one of four locations in the Eastern region, the Nuthampstead Preservation Association commissioned the author and historian Olive Cook to compile a study of a typical village in the area threatened by the plans. She chose the village of Anstey and engaged her husband, the photographer Edwin Smith, to record a cross-section of the village environment and its residents. Anstey was chosen because: “…its topographical, architectural and sociological features seemed to typify those of the whole district…“.

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