Moore – Published Photographs

Although Raymond Moore’s work is regularly referenced in publications about photography, during his lifetime only two major collections of photographs were published in book form: Murmurs at Every Turn in 1981, and Every So Often in 1984. In addition, two brief catalogues were produced to accompany exhibitions: Photographs by Raymond Moore, produced in 1968 by The Welsh Arts Council to accompany a touring show, and 49 Prints, published by The British Council in 1986 to accompany an international touring exhibition of his work. I have also included the work published in the 1967 Camera Owner article and the 1977 Creative Camera International Yearbook retrospective.

The images from each of these publications may be viewed in the galleries below. The quality in many cases is low, as reproductions have been made from the actual publications, which are of varying print quality. Such is the rarity of Raymond Moore books, that I have tried to give some indication of the likely price you would have to pay to acquire a copy, if you can find one!

The images are displayed as pop-ups and may be navigated either using the overlay buttons or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard (← and →).

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