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The introduction to DPICT

In the last issue of Creative Camera to appear under that masthead, Issue 362, editor David Brittain gives an introduction to its replacement, DPICT, which appeared in April 2000.

Advances in digital printing technology were utilised to print customised copies with over 500 different covers for the first issue.

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2000s – Creative Camera/DPICT Archive

The issue of Creative Camera published in December 1999, No 361, was the last containing content in the style that readers were familiar with.
Issue 362, the last published under the Creative Camera masthead, was a ‘Source Book’ listing photographic resources and institutions world-wide. It also introduced the magazine’s successor, DPICT.

From April/May 2000, the magazine changed its name to DPICT. The design, layout and typography of DPICT make it very difficult to render with OCR software. Although every attempt has been made to enable useful searchable content, there will be omissions.

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1980s – Creative Camera Archive

At the start of the 1980s, Creative Camera ran into financial difficulties and there was a gap in production. The set for 1980 comprises just 6 issues, the last two of which were double issues, ending in August. No further issues appeared until March 1981.
During the course of the decade, several double-issues were produced.
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1970s – Creative Camera Archive

Clicking the link above each thumbnail will open the PDF file for further searching or you can click on the thumbnail to view it full screen – although it is not searchable in this view.
You can scroll through the enlarged view, or use the menu at the base of the screen to zoom, navigate, download or return to the thumbnail view.


Try using the search box below with a photographer’s name to explore the results.

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Through the Ages

Over time, I have collected every issue of Creative Camera ever published. As far as I am aware, it is only one of a handful of complete sets in the world.
I thought it would be interesting to assemble a mosaic of all the covers, from May 1967 (when it was still Camera Owner) until May 2001 (when it had morphed into DPICT).

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