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Photography in America – Bill Jay, 1980

This article is the text of the lecture delivered by the late Bill Jay on 3 July 1980, at the Newport Art Gallery, Newport, Gwent, under the aegis of the Documentary Photography Course at Gwent College of Higher Education, during a short visit to the UK. It is reproduced from The British Journal of Photography where it appeared in July 1980.
Jay was then Associate Professor of Art History at Arizona State University and, before leaving the UK for the USA in 1972, he was a significant catalyst in the development of the resurgence of photographic fine art and the self-expressionist movement at the beginning of the ’70s. He was, for a time, the editor of Camera Owner magazine and engineered its transformation into Creative Camera during his tenure.

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Landscape Revolutionary

The cover of The Photohistorian from which this article is reproduced.

The following article, kindly provided by the Royal Photographic Society Historical Group, featured in The PhotoHistorian journal No. 96, Spring 1992.

Written by Colin Osman, it gives a full and detailed account of all that Osman had discovered about Hugo van Wadenoyen and provides the most information I have discovered about him to date.

The quality of the included image was very poor, but I have added it here for reference. Continue reading “Landscape Revolutionary”

Frederick Evans

In an article by Robert Elwall, included in this site, he makes reference to a copy of The Saturday Book, Number 3, published in 1943. His reference relates to the fact that this edition contained an article about the photographer Frederick Evans, still alive at the time of writing, that was illustrated by reproductions of his photographs printed by the photogravure process, something that was rarely done due to its cost and certainly a one-off for The Saturday Book.
The article is reproduced in full here.

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Modfot One

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modfot one::The frontispiece of the slim catalogue produced by Bill Jay to accompany the 1967 exhibition of the same name.

Modfot One was an exhibition of contemporary photography, produced in 1967 and exhibited at the Royal Watercolour Society’s galleries in Conduit Street, London, during May of that year. It continued to tour around Britain and the world for three and a half years as a British Council touring show. It is tempting to consider it in a similar vein to Edward Steichen’s ‘Family of Man’ exhibition of 1955 in the U.S. Although its intentions were somewhat different, it may have had a similar effect on the public’s perception of the scope and possibilities of still photography.

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