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1960s Cambridge

A friend of mine found a copy of the German magazine ‘du‘, dated March 1967, in a secondhand shop.

Following an introduction in English by Paul Roubiczek, a Fellow of Clare College, the rest of the magazine is in German. Most of the issue is devoted to life as a Cambridge student in that decade, with contributions by Peter Cole, Jonathan Davies, Simon Hoggart and Paul Medlicott, who were part of the Varsity newspaper editorial team at that time (1967).

It would appear – although never directly credited – that the photographs with which the articles are illustrated were taken by Paul Medlicott.

I’ve never come across Paul Medlicott, but if indeed the photographs are his then they are quite remarkable in their documentary style, which is so very typical of the 1960s and reminiscent of some of the more well-known photographers active during the decade.
Below you may view a selection of some of them, or download a PDF file of the set below. Click an image to see it bigger, better than the slideshow option.

Today’s Alternative to Picture Post?

Tales from the far-flung Faroes

Some of the picture stories published under the  ‘BBC Stories’ banner are to my mind filling the gap left following the demise of print-based photojournalism such as the old Picture Post or the in-depth coverage of the Sunday colour supplements in their early days.
They are providing a much-needed outlet for good reportage photography.

Created using software called ‘Shorthand‘, which is capable of producing a linear picture story comprising images, text and video in a scrolling single screen layout, they replicate turning the pages of a print publication in this digital age.

Easy to navigate, easy to read, and capable of displaying still photographs in a documentary fashion that echoes some of the great printed photo-stories of the past. 


A Google search involving the term “Colin Osman” recently turned up a  link to a bookseller previously unknown to me –

Quite a fascinating selection on offer. I’m tempted by one or two, but was also interested to see the asking price for a few rarities that I happen to own already. Seems there are a few editions amongst my own collection I should take special care of!

Creative Review – March 2018

Two interesting articles in the latest Creative Review.

From digital to darkroom: the new rise of film

“Where digital was once the go-to medium in photography, chosen for its ease and cheapness, photographers are now returning to film, in both their personal and commercial work. We examine why.”

How I Got Here: Joel Meyerowitz

In which Meyerowitz talks a lot about his working with Tony Ray-Jones and the new book on his life’s work, Where I Find Myself is published by Laurence King and costs £45. You can see more of Meyerowitz’s work at

You need to register with the magazine to read the whole articles, but it’s free and appears not to have any strings attached.