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In Search Of Ray Moore

Photograph by Roy Hammans

When I visited the Solway Coast region in 2011 it was really to explore the area that the late Raymond Moore made his own through a remarkable series of photographs made in the 1970s and 1980s. Continue reading “In Search Of Ray Moore”

Raymond Moore – Between the Real and the Fantasy

Raymond Moore (1920-1987) has been gone a long time.

Portrait of Raymond Moore by Peter Marshall

Yet this important and influential British photographer, considered a key player in the development of photographic practice in the UK, is not just gone but also almost forgotten. Photo-historians and academics do their best to bring his work to the attention of students; curators and gallery owners would love to be able to get their hands on his prints to exhibit or sell; publishers often wish to include his work in books on the history of photography. But, due to a still unresolved legal issue following his death, his archive of images languishes in some vault, hopefully well-protected, while his achievements and the importance of his contribution fade from memory.

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Moore – Published Photographs

Although Raymond Moore’s work is regularly referenced in publications about photography, during his lifetime only two major collections of photographs were published in book form: Murmurs at Every Turn in 1981, and Every So Often in 1984. In addition, two brief catalogues were produced to accompany exhibitions: Photographs by Raymond Moore, produced in 1968 by The Welsh Arts Council to accompany a touring show, and 49 Prints, published by The British Council in 1986 to accompany an international touring exhibition of his work. I have also included the work published in the 1967 Camera Owner article and the 1977 Creative Camera International Yearbook retrospective.

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Raymond Moore – In His Own Words

CC November 1968

This article is reproduced from Creative Camera Magazine, November 1968. In it, Raymond Moore explains something of his approach to and feelings about photography at the time. It was published at the time that Moore had the first exhibition by a living photographer to be organised and sponsored by the Arts Council (Wales).

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Raymond Moore – Chronology

This is an attempt to give a tentative time-line of Raymond Moore’s life. It undoubtedly contains some errors as information about him is relatively hard to track down. If you can add to or correct it in any way, please contact me.

Everything beckons us to perceive it,
murmurs at every turn,
“Remember me”
 Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

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