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Magazine Memoirs – Bill Jay

The late Bill Jay was the first editor of Creative Camera and steered its transition from ‘Camera Owner’ to the magazine celebrated here.
He was a prolific writer and an accomplished photographer whose work is covered extensively on his own web site – well worth visiting.
This article was written for the conference, “What Happened Here?: Photography in Britain since 1968”, at the National Media Museum, Bradford, England, 14 October 2004. Also published (in a slightly revised form) in Ag Magazine, Issues 51 and 52, 2008. It is broken into 10 pages due to its length.

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Personal Memories – Roy Hammans

March 1975, photographs by Dmitriy Baltermants, Richard & Robert D’Amore, Fredrich Cantor, Marco Misani, names I’d never heard of…

I don’t recall how I first came to hear of Creative Camera, or why I decided to buy my first issue in March, 1975. Perhaps I’d read about it, or seen it on a news-stand, but it arrived in my life at a time when I had realised there was more to photography than I had previously understood – and certainly more than I had ever been taught. It opened windows and let in a fresh breeze of photographic imagery completely unseen by me before. I can remember being both amused and bemused by the photographs I saw in that first purchased issue, but when the following month brought work by Julia Margaret Cameron, Edward Weston and Paul Hill I was hooked. I became a subscriber – sometimes regular, more often irregular – for the next 20 years.

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