Tony Ray-Jones – Through a Looking Glass

Beachy Head, Tripper Boat, 1967, by Tony Ray-Jones

I was initially prompted to add this section on Tony Ray-Jones by two almost coincident articles published about him in 2004. The first was in Source magazine, where Ian Walker conveyed a fascinating tale of detection and discovery entitled ‘Summer of Love’ based around one photograph by Ray-Jones, reproduced on the left.

The second article, by Liz Jobey in the Guardian Weekend magazine (Oct 2004) and entitled ‘The English Seen’ , featured the same photograph leading into a brief biography and synopsis of Ray-Jones’s work and influences linked to the major show of his work held in the UK in late 2004.

Since then, these pages about him have attracted thousands of visits from all over the world, testimony to the enduring legacy of the man and his work.

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A Day Off: an English journal

A Day Off: and English journal, the first book of work by Tony Ray-Jones

Reproduced in full here is the introduction to Ray-Jones’ first and ground-breaking book ‘A Day Off‘, the book that he did not live long enough to see published. Written by Ainslie Ellis, a contributing editor for The British Journal of Photography at the time, and used in that journal two years previously, it gives an excellent overview of Ray-Jones’ life and work.

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Ray-Jones: Amazing Perfection

Reproduced here in full, with permission, is the complete text of Ian Walker’s research into perhaps the most iconic of all Tony Ray-Jones’s photographs ‘Beachy Head Boat Trip, 1967’.

This article first appeared in Source magazine in 2004. Together with an article in The Guardian newspaper the same year, it inspired me to start the section of this website devoted to Ray-Jones as so little information about him appeared on the web at that time.
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Tony Ray-Jones – Creative Camera 1968



Creative Camera, Issue 52 October 1968, featuring the work of Tony Ray-Jones

As far as I can ascertain, the first time that non-assignment photographs by Tony Ray-Jones were published in the UK was in the October 1968 issue of Creative Camera magazine, then under the editorship of Bill Jay.

The magazine featured on the cover one of the photographs Ray-Jones had made during his stay in America and the article comprised a statement by him, together with a comment on the work by Frank Charlton. These are reproduced in full below.



Roy Hammans

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