Recent Acquisitions


In the course of recreating this website, there were a few books I realised that I had never got around to adding to the library.  A quick visit to resulted in me picking these up for remarkably cheap prices. Often the postage was more than the book!

Rome, by Stewart Perowne, contains many original Edwin Smith photographs produced specifically for this book. It was one of the few books illustrated by Edwin that was missing from my collection.

The History of Photography, by the late Peter Turner,  is a book I’ve known about for years but never seen. There are many histories of photography but I am curious to see how it is interpreted by Turner, given his pedigree.

American Images: Photography 1945-1980, edited by Peter Turner, was produced to accompany the 1985 exhibition at the Barbican, London, of the same name. I never got to see the exhibition, but this book is a superb collection of imagery from this important period in American photography.

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