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I’m finding the task of migrating the website across to here quite taxing in many ways, as every external link has to be checked and, more often than not, amended in some way.

This task also brings some sadness, as whilst doing the link check today I discovered that Bob McClelland had passed away in 2014.

I never met Bob in person, but we were in regular communication when I was building the first generation website over 10 years ago. His contribution to the section on Raymond Moore was invaluable. He had met and worked with Moore, written excellent articles about him and his photography, and allowed me to reproduce these on my site.
Bob was also an excellent photographer and printer, his work stands up alongside that of many more famous practitioners. The influence of Ray Moore on his style is very apparent, but he achieved results that would have made Ray smile I’m sure, being equal in many ways to his own.

We were Flickr pals and exchanged numerous emails – and swapped prints. He also gave me a very precious vial of 1 gram of Gold Chloride so that I could mix my own gold toner. To say it was worth it’s weight in gold is stating the obvious!

My deepest sympathies are with his wife, Julia, for her tragic loss.
I’m so glad she has continued to keep his legacy alive by maintaining his websites and I would recommend a look –

As my own small tribute, here is a print that Bob sent me during one of our exchanges.

Pathway, by the late Bob McClelland

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  1. Dear Roy,

    I had written earlier about Julia McClelland’s passing in April. I was hoping you could point me to Bob’s article(s) on your site. I had a link from Bob numerous years ago on your old site.

    Thanks for any help you might give.


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