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Bob McClelland

I’m finding the task of migrating the website across to here quite taxing in many ways, as every external link has to be checked and, more often than not, amended in some way.

This task also brings some sadness, as whilst doing the link check today I discovered that Bob McClelland had passed away in 2014.

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About the header image

The golden image that features on the home page is actually a direct reproduction of a lith-printed photograph of a waterfall in Derbyshire. It always reminded me of a fur – or fleece – so seemed appropriate!

Lith print made from a 35mm negative. © Roy Hammans. All rights reserved.


You can read more information about it on my other site.


Now that I’m no longer a resident of Weeping Ash, I thought it about time that the old web site was revised, revamped and republished under a new name.

So welcome to The Golden Fleece, same as the old site in content but totally different in look and feel.

Commenced on October 4th, 2017, it’s going to take a while to connect all the old dots and make sense of everything.

Bear with me.